Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mouth Ulcers!

My mouth for the past few days has been covered in varies degree's of ulcers. There are tiny ulcers, big yellow pussy ulcers...painful ulcers...and one I keep inadvertently biting on the side of my cheek!

This is my first incident of having mouth ulcers with Crohns. I know its possible to have them from mouth to anus and I guess if this is what's going on in my gut, I can understand why it feels like knives stabbing me down there. This is miserable. I had a case of thrush waaay back when I was a young teenager (caused by antibotics) and this is it all over again. Heck I almost choked myself trying to swallow some warm tea!

Looks like I won't be eating much today. (Which is good because I hate food btw...)

But my hubby wanted to go have lunch at Quiznos to try their new torpedos. I suppose I can have some of their soup.

In other news, I've recommitted myself to writing more. I really want to get a book out there before I die and preferably while I'm still young enough to reap the rewards!


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