Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh joy!

I've just gotten word that a co-worker that n one is really a fan of is takening up residence next to my desk. This is going to be an exciting next 8 months. (His expected stay in my area.)

In other news, I've discovered that eating tiny amounts is helping. I still haven't gone full liquid, being that I lack the self discipline to do so.

And I'm still working on my writing. The hardest decision was deciding on what PoV to write from. I am pretty certain now that the story will follow a third person omniscient. That being said, deciding on the subject matter is also a problem. I have two stories in my head right now and both battle upon my wits equally. I'd like to combine both but I'm not sure how Angels and Vampires would work out together in one story. (I know two cliche subjects right?)


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